Q: Do I require inoculations to travel to Kenya and what other medical considerations are there?

A:  While we have never experienced any real illnesses on a trip, the following is the recommended medical procedure and supplies. You must visit a Travel Clinic to determine what shots/medications are necessary. Remember, it could take about a two month cycle to get all your inoculations done. You should also have a complete medical evaluation before you go.

What to tell the Doctor
They need to know where you're traveling (Yatta & Ndalani, Kenya). Typhoid Fever outbreaks do occur in these areas.

Required Prescription Drugs
 Malaria pills (i.e. Malarone)

Other prescription drugs may include (ask your doctor):

  • Diarrhea medication (Levaquin, also useful as general antibiotic)
  • Sleeping pills (you may need these!)
  • Antibiotics (Cipro or Levaquin – just in case)

Recommended Non-Prescription Drugs

  • Anti-Itch cream (Afterbite) 
  • Gravol
  • Metamucil (or Dieter‟s tea?)
  • Allergy pills
  • Antacids and/or beano
  • Band-Aids and liquid Band-Aid
  • Polysporin
  • Imodium & Gastrolite
  • Tylenol/Aspirin
  • Cough / cold medicine, cough lozenges

Health Canada Advisories


Q: What documents do I need to have to participate in this trip?


1. Canadian Passport

If you do not currently have a passport, you can visit Passport Canada at http://www.ppt.gc.ca/ where you can access a passport application form on-line or in a printable form. You can also access a passport application form through any Canada Post outlet. The Passport Canada website offers helpful tips for completing your passport application.

2. Kenyan Visa

A Kenyan visa is required to enter the country. The Kenya High Commission in Ottawa recommends obtaining the visa before you leave. The online application sight they recommend is www.evisa.go.ke. Unless you have special circumstances you will require a “Single Entry (Tourism/Visitor/Business)” visa (C$65 per person). Note that fees are waived for kids under 16 travelling with parents.

More information on the visa process is available at http://kenyahighcommission.ca/consular-services/visa-services/single-entry-tourism-visitor-business/

What you need to provide:

  • Completed application
  • For Destination, use:
  • Dr. Charles Mulli
    c/o Mully Children’s Family, Wood Gardens, off Wood Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya
    Telephone: 254 733-333121

  • Purpose of travel, put "tourism"
  • Passport (not a copy)
  • Passport size photo (attached to top of application form)
  • Flight Itinerary (we will provide)


Applying by mail

  •   Send package to: Kenya High Commission in Ottawa, 415 Laurier Ave. East, Ottawa, ON K1N 6R4
  •   Include a self-addressed stamped return courier envelope for Priority Mail, Express Mail, FedEx, UPS, or DHL (Purolator not accepted)

Certified check or money order (please check the Kenya High Commission website www.kenyahighcommission.ca/ to confirm the price). Please check the website for the cost during the time that your will be travelling. The costs do vary.

Applying in Person

 Applicants with appointments are served the same day. Express Visa services are offered every Tuesday, except public holidays.

3. Police Check Vulnerable Sector Screening

A current Police Check or Vulnerable Sector Screening police check (less than 18 months old) is required for everyone 13 and older, and must be submitted to the team leader prior to departure. The cost is usually $20.00. For residents of York Region go to http://www.yrp.ca/community-policing/how-do-i/vulnerable-sector-screening.aspx for locations and application forms. For Toronto residents go to http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/prcp for all other residents please contact your local police station.


Q: What else do I need to know about this trip and what are the best recommendations?


  • Remain FAT: Flexible, Adaptable and Teachable. Africa is not North America. Plans and schedules change all the time. The best traveler is the one that can go with the flow.
  • Identification: Don‟t bring your whole wallet. Bring cash, a credit card, a debit card, ID etc, but don‟t bring it all.
  • Insurance: We will purchase emergency evacuation and medical insurance coverage for you and it is included in the cost of the trip. Check to see what your company provides. Please let us know if you have this insurance through a group plan and send in a copy of the certificate to your group leader, this fee can be removed from the cost of your travel.
  • Luggage and Weight Restrictions: Typically passengers are allowed two 50 lb pieces of luggage and one carry- on bag, when traveling from Canada. With this luggage allowance, we request that you pack one piece of luggage with donated items or those required to meet the needs of our on-site projects. If you are participating in the optional safari, luggage restriction is 33 lb. We will store the extra baggage at MCF‟s Nairobi office while we‟re on safari, and pick it up upon our return before we fly home.
  • Carry-on bag: Luggage can be temporarily lost on international flights. Pack a carry-on bag with all required documentation, a change of clothes; all required medication, money and other essentials, in the event that you lose your luggage. It is advisable to use a carry-on with wheels.
  • Currency: Kenyan Shillings is the currency of Kenya. Cash, debit cards and credit cards can be used. Visa is accepted. AmEx is harder to use. Traveler‟s checks can be difficult to cash. It is recommended that you bring a Visa card, debit card, US and Canadian currency, which can be converted at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. While in Kenya, only change US or Canadian currency at a money exchange or bank – not at your hotel or on the street. Most ATM cards work – just be alert when you leave the machine. Visit www.gofox.com/tools/cheatsheet.php to create your own currency exchange cheat sheets. This will help you convert Kenyan Shillings to Canadian dollars. This is a very useful tool when market shopping.
  • Safety: You are traveling to Kenya, which is a developing country where poverty and disease are rampant. You should be aware that the 2007 post-election violence led to the deaths of hundreds of people, the displacement of thousands more and job losses throughout the country. This situation may potentially lead to a general increase in criminal activity throughout the country. Do not bring or wear expensive jewellery or watches. Leave diamond engagement rings at home.For your safety, please do not wander away from the group while outside of the MCF homes. Do not offer money or goods to street beggars, no matter how desperate their situation seems. This can lead to rioting and may put the group and the beggar in danger. Do not take pictures on the streets of Kenya or of individuals without their permission. Due to the high terrorist activity in Kenya, do not take random photos in the city of Nairobi.
  • Please visit:
    for the latest travel advisory report issued by the Canadian government.
  • More Information: https://travel.gc.ca/destinations/kenya


Q: Are there any recommendations for raising donations for students to attend Mully University College?

A: Yes!

We encourage participants to raise between $1,000 and $5,000 so your trip can really make a difference. It’s not mandatory, but it will change lives of students who will be able to attend Mully University College en route to becoming the African leaders of tomorrow!
However you raise the funds, donors should be directed to the Donate button on www.mullymarathon.com.


  1. www.mullymarathon.com is a great place to point people to if they want to learn more about the event…to participate and/or donate.
  2. News Release. This is a link to a news release that you could help you in drawing up your own communique asking for support.
  3. Fundraising Email. This is a link to a simple draft email that you could use as is or customize with your personal message.

Other Fundraising Ideas:

  1. Send Emails or start a Facebook or other Social Media Campaign.
 Write a note to all your friends and family on how they can help. Social media is a great way to get the word out about the Mully Marathon in general and about your trip in particular.
  2. Run a Friends and Family Party. Invite your families and friend for a dinner party BBQ and let them know about your commitment to serve at MCF. Show one of our promo DVDs and share with your guests how they can help cover the cost of this trip.
  3. Run a Co-worker Party. Invite your colleagues at work, over breakfast, lunch or an open house at some other time of day to let them know about your trip and ways they can help.
  4. Garage Sale / Bake sale/ Auction off your gifts and talents for the day.
  5. Benefit Concert
  6. Your Own Wonderfully Creative Idea!
  7. Donated Goods. Transporting goods across the world is challenging and costly. Having said that, MCF really appreciates it when visitors bring key items like school supplies, fabric, thread, toiletries (shaving kits, hand and body creams, soap), towels, underwear and bras. If you are unsure about specific donated goods, contact MCF Canada and get their input.