The Race

The FIRST ever annual Mully International Half Marathon (MIM) will place in Ndalani, Kenya on May 14, 2017.

Runners from around the world will join elite Kenyan runners and run with the children from Mully Children’s Family.

May 14, 2017 is the first running of what is targeted to become a major international even.  Races include a half marathon, 10K and 15K distances.  This event is open to elite and recreational runners and this is not your typical road race!

While the MIM was conceived as a fundraising event to help students attend Mully University College, Kenya is right now being affected by the most severe drought experienced in 65 years. MCF irrigation systems and greenhouses have been shut down, crops have failed, fish ponds have dried up and water must be trucked long distance for the 2500 children currently in MCF care. Under these circumstances, Dr. Charles Mully, founder of MCF, has asked us to direct funds raised through the MIM to support MCF operations and drought relief efforts in local communities surrounding MCF operations. Here is a video link providing information on the current drought and its impact on MCF.

Please support the MIM and MCF’s drought relief efforts by making a donation (use “Donate” button on this page). Thank you!

About the Race

All courses will be run “Kenyan style” on the trails and unpaved back roads of rural Kenya. This is truly a unique experience for many runners who are accustomed to North American races which are predominantly run on pavement in urban centres. However it will be the experience of a lifetime to be able to run with Kenyan athletes on their home turf!

All races start at the MCF facilities located in Ndalani, Kenya. Runners will complete a full tour around the soccer field before heading out of the MCF compound. The routes are a mix of rural footpaths and dirt roads on rolling terrain.

Recreational runners will be joined by MCF students who will inspire you by their character, determination, joyful spirit and natural running ability.

Precipitation for the month of May averages approximately 70mm. Temperatures range between 13 and 25 degrees Celsius.